So this male, we’ll call him Mal because it’s fun and I love firefly, is a boy that Autumn knew from high school. The two of them dated pretty sporadically but they were together for the bulk of their four years of high school. They met in marching band, you can decide what he played but that part is imperative. Anyway, Mal really genuinely loved Autumn but Autumn wasn’t going to allow herself to fall for him for real because Mal planned on going to school in California and Autumn was dead-set on living in New York. So in their senior year they broke up because Autumn refused to tell him that she loved him and he was really hurt by that. Autumn feels this was for the best because this way neither of them had to compromise on their dreams.

Mal is almost completely open, and the plot itself has two possibilities. For some reason (up to you) Mal has come to New York. Maybe he’s been there for a while, maybe he never even went to California? Who knows..hopefully you will at some point but yeah, anyway. Mal and Autumn find each other again and here’s where the two possible plots come in: 

Plot One: Mal and Autumn get back together and since Autumn is settled down with her job she is much more open to a relationship for real. They fall back in love and happiness abounds. There would be more to it than this of course but that is the basics.

Plot Two: Mal and Autumn get back together but Mal is in it for his own motives. He wants to make Autumn fall for him the same way he fell for her and then break her heart the way she broke his. (This plot could also have two endings, one where he breaks her heart and one where he falls for her all over again and forgives her). 

Face claim is basically open I included Josh Duhamel because I like him but I’m really ridiculously open to alternatives. Age should be 27-29 cause they would have needed to be in the same grade at school. He should have gone to high school in White Plains New York. His occupation is open, but if he has been in New York the whole time he probably shouldn’t have gone to FIT because they would have met before now. Basically that’s it! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m sure I’ve missed stuff.

original request

basics: played by: jessica lowndes. age: 18-21. occupation: con artist. cocky. brash. reckless. witty. sassy.

so, before i get right down to the plot and shit - i’d love it if you could im/pm me if you want to take this. there are details that i would love to sort out first (and plots that i don’t want to be written out here). and yes, i’m being a turd and requesting them because they’re in 90210. but tbh i’ve never watched the show. sooo yeah…

this lovely lady is jessica lowndes, and for the sake of the request we’ll call the character jl (because you can pick her name, really). you want a history on jl? well that would depend on who you ask. to some people she’s the daughter of a billionaire from out west. to others she’s been in every halfway house down south. but in actuality there is one person and one person only that knows where jl's from - yup. tabatha marie bell. see the two met a year ago, before tabatha went into rehab. jl had been scamming over this rich couple in san francisco posing as the love child of one of the husband’s many affairs and was milking them for all their worth. on one of her night trips to the ‘slums’ of the city she crashed into tabatha. literally. the girls started going at in, fists were thrown, and before the night was out the two were less like fight club and more like… well you know how two raging bisexuals get.

after that night the two girls developed a deep trust for one another, even despite their prickly personalities. tabatha learned that jl was from a pretty normal background. her mother was in finance, her father was a computer technician. why she conned people? boredom. and jl learned about how very messed up tabatha’s family life was (how her parents fought on the verge of spousal abuse until their divorce, how neither of them wanted custody of tabatha but her father took her regardless, how her mother constantly criticized while her father (and his new wife) complained). and the two girls had a pretty good relationship partying and hitting drugs hard. they didn’t screw much after that first night - but the bond they created in san fran was something deeper than friends (like the sisters neither had except not all incesty lolol).

but then tabatha’s mother committed suicide, and in an effort to ‘fix herself’ tabatha went into a twelve step program. to say that she and jl drifted apart would be an understatement. tabatha went to england for a job and jl made her way across america, scamming like she did best. but now jl's in nyc and decided to look up her good ol' buddy tabatha.

basically i want jl to be a horrible influence on tabatha and get her back to her drug abusing, party hardy ways. the two used to get into a shit load of trouble and tabatha will definitely miss that. she wouldn’t need a lot of convincing but yeah. so please please take her? please? ily!

original request

basics: pb lyndsy fonseca. age 27-30. job: up to you.

as you can see pretty much the only thing i have set in stone for all of these characters (sans the parentals) are the play bys. because seriously, the resemblance is uncanny. but this is amaya’s older sister. the name, job, her personality, her age are all up to you. except that there’s a slight specification on the age range. basically read amaya’s profile for the background on their family and you’ll be copacetic.

basics: pb sean faris. age 22-25. job: up to you

as you can see pretty much the only thing i have set in stone for all of these characters (sans the parentals) are the play bys. because seriously, the resemblance is uncanny. but this is amaya’s younger brother. the name, job, his personality, his age are all up to you. except that there’s a slight specification on the age range. basically read amaya’s profile for the background on their family and you’ll be copacetic.

basics: pb clive owen. age 48-52. job: ceo and founder of rowan rp firm

say hello to mister rowan himself,clive owen, owner and founder of rowans pr firm in new york city. co(as we’re going to call him) was always a business first, family later sort of man. so it wasn’t any surprise that after he married mrs. rowan he bought his own penthouse in the city and spent most of his time there. mr. rowan is the kind of man that loves to study people, figure out their needs and how they tick, and exploits them to his own benefit. so you can see how a pr firm was a natural fit. in his children co expects excellence in all aspects of their lives - especially school. mr. rowan isn’t exactly faithful to his wife, but he keeps his affairs quiet and has a mutual understanding with his family to never speak of it. for more information amaya’s profile is helpful.

basics: pb mary-louise parker. age 47-49. job: socialite

finally we have the lovely mrs. rowan played by mary-louise parker and for the sake of this description we’ll call her mlp. mrs. rowan was raised in high society, much like her husband. but she never really had aspirations for work ventures, only hobbies that she fancied herself the best at. mrs. rowan is a flighty woman, over-dramatic at times, but mostly basks in high-society and her ‘accomplishments’. her marriage to the mr. rowans was one of convenience on both ends - so they’re hardly faithful. they’re in two different towns, why bother with the formalities of celibacy. yet she’s in the city for a reason: one the rest of her family isn’t aware of. said reason can be up to you. and for more information amaya’s profile is helpful.

original request

basics: pb jeremy renner. age 37-42. job: nypd homicide detective

this handsome devil to the left is jeremy renner (i honestly could not help myself, so sue me). meet hadley’s brand new partner. jr was transferred from (you pick the city honestly) when his temper got the best of him on a double homicide case - a mother and a little girl. sufficed to say, jr is about as happy about the transfer as hadley is to have him as her partner. hadley had, for years now, worked on cases by herself and didn’t see the need in someone else tagging along. their dynamic has friction to say the very least. jrdoesn’t like to be bossed around by hadley, and hadley isn’t about to loosen the reigns on her cases any time soon. eventually i see these two learning to respect each other (maybe even become romantic, if it plays out that way). but for now they bicker - or well, jr tries to pick fights with hadley and she gives him a dead pan.

basics: pb zoe saldana. age 28-32. job: narcotics detective

the lovely miss right over there, for those of you who don’t know, is zoe saldana. i’m going to be sappy and rude, but i’m requesting her for mister zq down there’s fiance. zs is one of those stories you hear about a girl from a rough neighborhood making it good and becoming a cop. in zs's case she wanted to clean up her old streets from the drugs that were corrupting the youth. she had already seen her brother go down a similar path and she refuses to let that happen to other kids. idealistic, sure. but that's how zs is. so why is it that she and hadley don’t get along? maybe it’s because hadley believes that zs is too idealistic and that makes her shit at her job. maybe it’s because zs can’t see why hadley is so sour and rude. either way, whenever they’re together there’s a cold civility. one that zs's fiance and hadley's best friend can't stand.

basics: pb zachary quinto. age 30-35. job: forensic analyst for the nypd

last but certainly not least is the one and only zachary quinto. if hadley ever had a best friend he would be in. zq (as we’re calling him now) works for the forensic division of the nypd. he and hadley met when they were both new to the department some six years ago. their connection wasn’t instant by any means, but both slowly bonded over their mutual dislike for human social conventions. whenever hadley needs anything processed zq is always her go to, even if there are people who are more qualified than he is. why? maybe it’s respect, who knows. but the two are cohesive together and sometimes, just sometimes, they get coffee in the morning and roll their eyes at their colleagues. but their relationship has become rocky lately due to his engagement to zs (above) - a woman hadley is not on such good terms with.

original request

this is middle girl arden. hopefully looking like lucy hale. so for the purpose of this ad, we’ll assume her name is lucy and go with that. there’s really not much to say on lucy. we want to keep this plot as open as possible. but to keep up with the family/character canons, lucy comes from the new york based arden family. the arden family had a pretty strict military upbringing. each arden kid can boast that he or she was born in a different part of the world. there are four arden kids. the first being jon arden <— clicky for his app and the second being jj arden <—- again clicky, the third is lucy and the forth is rebecca arden (the baby sister is taken and looks like shelley hennig) now this plot is pretty basic. as you can see the arden family has some terrific genes going for them. but each has that ‘thing’ that sets them apart from each other. typically lucys are known for drama llama plots. whether they are trouble prone or crazy. but really the lucy here can be anything you want her to be. she’ll have two over protective big bros to look out for her regardless. lucy would need to be younger than 24.

REFERENCE NOTES - so the lucy requested here doesn’t need to a ‘j’ name it just worked out that way with the two brothers. also ‘lucy hale’ as a pb isn’t mandatory, we just went with someone who could resemble chace and colton. so if you don’t want to use her it would be nice if you used someone who could look relatable to them too. brownie points if you just shoot us a line of who you think that face could be before you make her. also jon arden's app and jj’s app! lots of love and plots for whoever takes these two <3

original request

Alright, so I am requesting a future girlfriend for Lexi, here. Lexi has been in love with her ex-girlfriend, Kim, since her junior year in high school and has never really moved on from their breakup. She has only dated one person since they broke up, who also happened to be Kim’s other ex, but things between them were more of a rebound relationship where you think you’re falling in love, but you’re really not. Basically, I am looking for someone to help Lexi start to move on for real, at least a little bit. Lexi is a recovering alcoholic and is seven months sober. She attends former addicts meetings every other Thursday and I think it would be cool if that was how she met Phoebe (we’ll just call her that for the sake of this request, because I am very original lol). Basically, Phoebe should be newly recovered like just over a month or maybe the night they meet was even her first meeting? It’s really up to whoever takes her. Basically, they are going to meet and hit it off and go out for coffee and start to become friends. Lexi will have no idea that she is a lesbian too, but start to develop a sort of crush on Phoebe. Then, one night they’re just going to be hanging out and Lexi is going to kiss her and after that they will start dating. That is basically where this little request ends. All I want from her is for her to be played by Phoebe Tonkin and a love interest for Lexi. She should probably close to Lexi in age or a couple of years older than her. Really her past and personality and all of that is up to you, Lexi is kind of a conceited bitch though, very sarcastic, so she would need someone who could put up with that. Please, please take her! If you have any questions or want to discuss anything about her, -.

original request

so this is girl marlowe. or leighton if you want to call her. she’s a stunner right? well first and foremost, this is a family plot and so even if you don’t want to use leighton as the face per se, i’d still like this girl to be able to resemble dave franco. so it goes without saying if she’s a ginger or a blondie or whatever, it won’t fly. and even if you don’t want to use leighton, i’d still like a heads up on who you think is better suited. the pb is pretty flexible within itself so yes i am working with you here.

anyway onto the plot. leighton here is the older sister of my ben marlowe. she doesn’t have a lot of years on ben. maybe one or two. or three. ben is only 20 so you can be the judge of that. as far as her personality and occupation and etc goes, that’s pretty open too. she is from san francisco california just like ben. she too was born to a neglectful grunge rock star and an airhead mother. neither parent were very good ones, so all ben and leighton had were pretty much each other. they get each other in a way nobody else ever could. that’s what family means. and it should go without saying, he will always have his back. i hope this is vice versa lol.

you can be the judge of what brings leighton to new york to live. the possibilities are endless and if you are stuck at all on a reason why, i’m a plotting h0r and i’d like to help. i’d just really like if she arrived in the city first because she would inherently be the reason why ben is in the city himself.

ben is a genius. like intelligence wise. he’s passed all the tests to prove it. and although he could kick so much scholastic ass if he wanted to, for reasons only his personal demons can explain, he just doesn’t. if she is supportive of his laziness that way that is good. if she doesn’t like it and constantly opposes it that’s even better. he failed his senior year of high school because he was skipped too many tests. he wasn’t being very challenged academically and on top of all of his other lovely attributes (sarcasm) ben is eccentric as fuck. he did pretty much anything he wanted to do and as long as it was illegal it was even better in his eyes. he had to redo senior year though and he graduated that time. he could have had his pick at any college in the country and probably beyond. what does ben do? he decided to go paris and basically bum around. he’s a talented artist and made a meager living doing portraits of just random things and people. if you went the route with her hating him not living to his full potential, then she’d probably not like that. nevertheless, he decided to return to america, come to the city where his sister was and idk? make amends?

that’s the loose plot. but yeah like i said leighton is fairly open! i’d love someone to snag her <3 marlowe epicness is needed on this board.

original request

basics: pb barbara palvin. age 17-19 (this means she can be gabe’s twin). job: law student at columbia & intern.

as stated already, the lovely woman you see to your left is barbara palvin and i’d adore her to play gabe’s sister. i’m really kind of set on that play by, but if you have a really (and i mean really) good suggestion let me know. on to the plot… barbara (i named her bambi in gabe’s app but we can change that) is the golden child of the luciano family. as the younger child one might assume she would be living under the shadow of her older brother. he was after all a starting football player in high school and a womanizer, but rather it wasbambi that overshadowed her brother. she is brilliant (skipping three grades in school) and graduated the private school she and her brother attended at only fifteen with an impressive club and extra curricular activities resume. she was accepted into princeton and harvard, but because of her family’s new relocation to new york from l.a. (and the job opportunities being a luciano would grant her) she decided to go to columbia for law. so you can see how this would overshadow gabe, who lost his scholarship to columbia and almost failed his senior year. out of all of the family members, though, she’s the one person that gabe is close with (and dare i say it, overprotective of).

other than that, i’d advise reading his application (here) before taking her. and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to im me (my messengers are in my profile) or pm me or hell even post here. thank you sosososooosoooo much in advance!

original request

i’m desperately seeking the handsometwin brother of my girl katerina force. check out that handsome mug to your left. isn’t he hot? anyway, there are only a few bare essentials to his character. the obvious being that he must be male. his birthday is april 1st 1992 and he was born about 2 minutes before katerina.

his personality is pretty much open as i want his player to pretty much run the show. just know that he could either be the perfect crime partner of katerina or he could be the total opposite. for the most part katerina is a total wild child. or at least she was. she’s a former child actress who’s had her fill of being obligated to do what other people expect her to do, so naturally once she broke free of those career constraints, she started acting a little less expected and a little more like kat. she started sleeping around and partying it up a lot more. i’m not really sure how her brother would have felt about this but that is entirely up to the player!

i wrote in her application that her brother dabbled in acting as a child too. now whether or not he still acts or quit after or earlier than she did is up to the player, but i do want them to have had this in common!

katerina attended st. peterson prep in san diego so i think hunter would have attended the school as well. whether he remained in the same house as katerina or not is entirely up to the player. during kat’s senior year in high school, she got pregnant by her teacher and opted to decline college in order to stay in san diego and raise their baby together. now because of this kat is less than welcomed in the force family but if hunter is against her too that is fine. this is really left up to the player. i do want him to have known about her relationship with the teacher. whether he agreed with the relationship or not is really up to the player. it’s also worth noting that kat never had the baby as she miscarried.

like i said this plot is really basic. the real gist of the plot is that her twin is taken. their relationship can go in a number of ways and i have a penchant for scandalous plots! the preferred face claim is hunter parrish or kellan lutz but i will settle for an alex pettyfer or chord overstreet.. anybody blonde and can pull off being a twin to amber will do. if you don’t fancy either of the three though, i don’t mind but please let me know who you are interested in changing the face too. 
→ for more info on kat just read her application

original request

meet the vincits! they are cold blooded, iron fisted, hard planes of muscle –known for being beautifully sculptured creatures, rolling in endless amounts of cash and their ability to be the winners of a seriously graced genetic lottery. the heirs to one of the biggest oil companies in the world they have their lives made, but even then they are part of the grittiest part of the big apple. their father is the biggest drug lord in the northern hemisphere, controlling most of the nightlife and crime scene in the big cities. while they run the company with their father, they also each have a major city to run –new york, los angeles, and miami. they are extremely family orientated, and were taught as they grew up that nothing can beat the blood bond between a family. so they protect their own with teeth, claws and a highly trained group of henchmen. even though the two eldest don’t share a mother with their younger brother it never seemed to cross their mind, they believe they are full blooded brothers and won’t let anyone tell them otherwise. as far as their mothers go well, some speculate they were murdered by their father while others say they were just thrown out on the street. either way to the boys they don’t matter one bit more than any other stranger on the street. personality wise they are competitive little fuckers, they really thrive in a healthy competition between each other. whether its women, money or cars they really get into it as a game. they don’t think there is anyone on god’s green earth that is better than they are in anything, and that at times can be a pain in the booty. most of the time there is a seriously icy streak with these guys, their temper is always in a fine line and bad things happen when that line happens to be crossed. they are detached, and stuck up with king complexes that are hardly ever dealt with –correctly that is. they really are beyond close, they all live in a building together [a trump tower of sorts] and at the moment all the brothers have returned to nyc. which means all the vincits are in town, and are ready to bring a nitty gritty that the city has been missing since they parted ways. kain alexander vincit – 29. damian caeser vincit – 28. —- —- vincit – 27. fallon mignonette vincit – 20.

—- —- vincit
the brotha from another motha! this is the youngest vincit brother, and he was born right here in nyc -how nifty. he’s chris evans and 27 years old. he was the baby in charge of la, and he was seriously yearning to come back to his hometown of manhattan. coming from a different mother than his brothers caused something to spark in this young vincit’s mind. the lack of a complete blood similarity has forced him to even even colder to anyone without his last name. some speak of slight disasters that were wipped away from him when he was in la, but no one has the guts to go agains the youngest vincint’s wrath. he’s known for his lack of control, and need for an outlet has left him with quite the anger in him. he’s rebelious and plain out evil, taking a special type of pleasure in other’s misfortunes -it’s even better if he was the cause of such a tragic thing. with a passion for cars and women, he is seen parading around town with a new of each everyday. thus forcing his image as the bad boy, which is blemishing his image in the oil company. along with kain they own a burlesque club, that has an underground full of dirt for their special customers. with more blood on his hands than anyone in the family aside from his father, and the protection of his last name this baby here feels and is invincible.

original request

evan ———- vassile
bigshot. intelligent. charmer. ladies’ man.
this character is natalya’s older brother, age 27. we’ll call him evan, since that’s what he was called on natalya’s application. this is negotiable, however. his play-by is rick malambri, which is also negotiable. my personal runner up would probably be ANDREW COOPER, though. 

evan is a total bigshot. he’s the smoothest of the smooth. he currently works as chief marketing executive for a massive company in tokyo that produces surgical equipment, so he flies a lot, but his home is nyc. (this can be changed, too.) this guy pretty much bullshit his way through the interview. he learned just enough japanese to introduce himself without too terrible an accent, and then once he was hired, he spent the next six months learning the actual language. he’s that good. he’s also quite the ladies’ man. evan isn’t easy, per se, but if he sees a beautiful woman, he’ll certainly go after her - and almost always come home with her. behind the scenes, he’s a little less badass. a typical man. he chills with his video games and his dog. 

he and natalya are extremely close. he pretends to be kind of annoyed by her worrying, but in truth, he finds it hilarious and endearing. when natalya was giving birth to her stillborn son (more on that if you read her app or message me), he was the one she called. held her hand and then went into the bathroom to vomit afterward, but never regretted being there for her. of course, he’s still an older brother, and there’s a lot he disagrees with, like the fact that she never told the baby’s father or the rest of their family. he also wishes she would give ballet up - he’s afraid she’s destroying herself. they have one younger brother, chase.
original request here